Jinan Jindiao Technology Co., Ltd.
Laser Machine , CNC Router , Plasma Cutting Machine
Sample Images
Samples by Laser Machines
1. Samples which are engraved by laser engraving machines
Laser engraving on acryl and crystal
Laser engraving on rubber sheet
Laser engraving on bamboo
Laser engraving on glass
Laser engraving on marble
2. Samples which are cut by laser engraving and cutting machines
Cloth cutting
Acrylic cutting
Wood cutting
Leather cutting
Paper and paper board cutting
Cutting for other materials
Smaples by CNC Routers
Jindiao is an experienced China-based manufacturer and supplier of laser machines, CNC routers and plasma cutting machines, etc. Characterized by superior performance and reasonable prices, our laser and CNC engraving machines, plasma cutting machines, etc. are extensively used in industries like seal and stamp engraving, advertising-sign making, decoration and textile-material cutting, decorative cutting for leather products, and so on.
The manufacturing of each of our products is strictly in accordance with applicable international standards. Therefore, all of our products are CE and FDA certified.
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