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CNC Mold and Metal Engraving Machine JD6060

CNC Mold and Metal Engraving Machine JD6060

Main application profession: The engraving machines are professionally used to engrave iron, steel, aluminum and bronze board and so on hard material. The machine can engrave letters and relief designs.

1.The CNC engraving machine with German double nut and ball bearing guide screw, which enable our machine to operate steadily, precisely and smoothly.
2. Adopt the imported linear guide rail, which features large load-bearing capacity, has a service life which is 2,200 times longer than a traditional guide rail, and it can also keep a high precision after used for a long time.
3. X axis of the machine is designed in dustproof structure, which effectively guarantees the mechanical performance in a long run.
4. Break-point memory function is available. Thus we are able to continue to engrave from the break-point some other day.
5. The adoption of high speed drive motor enables our CNC Mold and Metal Engraving Machine JD6060 to have a higher efficiency. Now, the maximum speed of our mold engraver is 6m/min.
6. The CNC router is characterized by good software compatibility, which can work with various different CAD/CAM software, such as Type3/artcarm/castmate/pro-E/Coreldraw/wentai and other CAD/CAM software.
7. High-power water-cooled spindle motor enables our machine to engrave on hard materials.

Technical parameters:



Machine body

Cast iron and cast aluminum structure

Working area

X,Y axes


Z axis


Body dimensions


X,Y, Z Structure

Linear guide rail, Ball screw

Maxi. Speed


Working speed


Mechanical precision




Maxi. Power consumption


Power source

AC 220V/50Hz

Driver type

stepper motors


1.5KW water cooling spindle (options: 2.2KW, 3KW)

Spindle speed


Blade diameter


Control system

Ncstudio ( weihong) control or (Options: DSP black handle control system with USB connection)


HPGL,G code


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