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CNC Woodworking Machine --- JDM25

CNC Woodworking Machine --- JDM25

CNC Woodworking Machine --- JDM25

Where could we use CNC Woodworking Machine --- JDM25s?
Our CNC Woodworking Machine --- JDM25 is primarily used in woodworking industry. For example, it can be used in furniture decoration industries for furniture decoration, wooden door and window frame processing, and wooden handicraft making industry, and more. Besides, they can also be used for manufacturing sewing machine tables and cabinet panels, etc. Furthermore, a woodworking CNC engraving machine can also be used in musical instrument manufacturing industry to finish 3D wood carving, whether it is relief cutting or profile cutting. Utilized in mould making industry to process wooden moulds is also possible.

Although it is named as a CNC Woodworking Machine --- JDM25, it is not exclusively applicable for wooden materials. Our woodworking CNC engraver is also suitable for engraving on acrylic materials, double-color boards, PVC/EVS and ABS boards, stones and imitation stones as well as metallic molds like an aluminum mould, among others.

Performances of our CNC Woodworking Machine --- JDM25:
1. The traveling speed can reach 35m/min and the highest cutting speed can reach 25m/min.
2. Our CNC Woodworking Machine --- JDM25 adopts advanced DSP numeral control system and manual lever operation, which makes equipment operation easier.
3. Y axis is driven by double-motor, which guarantees a high speed and steady operation.
4. High strength steel-tubes are adopted to produce the machine frame.
5. The vacuum-table of our woodworking CNC engraving machine is design with six-partition structure, which can effectively absorb materials with different sizes.
6. 3D control system facilitates equipment control.
7. Automatic tool presetting system and temperature control system are optional.

Technical parameter :
model JDM25
X,Y axes working area 1300x2500mm
Optional working size X axis 1200~1800mm
Y axis 1200~4000mm
Z axis working area 200mm ( optional: 300mm)
Table size 1480x3000mm
Working delicacy 0.025~0.05mm
X,Y,Z axes repositioning accuracy 0.05mm
Frame structure cast steel structure
X,Y Structure linear guide rail, rack and pinion drive (Y axis double drivers)
Z Structure linear guide rail, ball screw
traveling speed 35,000mm/min
Spindle Power Motor 4.5KW water cooling spindle
Power (not include the spindle) 1840W
Spindle Speed 0-24000RPM
Drive Motors Stepper system (Option: Servo system)
Working Voltage 380V 50Hz/60HZ
Command Language HPGL,G cord*.u00*.mmg*plt
Operating System DSP control System(with USB interface)
Supported Software Type 3, Ucancam, Artcam software
Running Environment Temperature: 0 ~ 45 Relative humidity: 30% ~ 75%
Surrounding for software Windows98/2000/xp
Working-holding (working table) Vacuum system (vacuum table & vacuum pump)
Dust removing plant Dust collector
Cutters 22 pcs(include 3D cutter and milling bottom cutter)
Option Rotary clamp

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