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CNC Router

    1. CNC woodworking machine --- JDM25Our CNC Woodworking Machine --- JDM25 are primarily used in woodworking industry. For example, they can be used in furniture decoration industries for furniture decoration, wooden door and window frame processing, and wooden handicraft making industry, and more ...
    1. Cylinder Engraving Machine A cylinder engraving machine is a CNC router exclusively designed for cylindrical or conoid workpieces. It is regularly used for engraving letters, figures, embosses, etc. on column or conoid surfaces, whether they are made of aluminum, steel, plastic, or wood. ...
    1. CNC Marble Engraving Machine ------ JD1325A/BLengthened X and Y axis enable our CNC Marble Engraving Machine ------ JD1325A/B to engrave on larger sized materials.
      Our marble engraver is equipped with international leading components. Therefore, ...
    1. CNC Mold and Metal Engraving Machine JD6060Jindiao CNC Mold and Metal Engraving Machine JD6060is regularly used to engrave on iron, steel, aluminum and bronze plates, and any other hard materials. Letter, image, and relief engraving are all possible.
    1. ATC CNC Router ATC CNC routers, for their automatic tool changing function, are extensively used in manufacturing industries for furniture, wooden doors, cabinet doors, computer desks, mahjong table, wooden loudspeaker enclosures, and more.
    1. Advertising CNC Router ----- JD6090L, JD12As a professional Advertising CNC Router ----- JD6090L, JD12 manufacturer in China, our JD series CNC advertising routers are designed with whole steel structure, which help guarantee a steady machine operation. Additionally, our adoption of double-aging ...
    1. Mini desktop CNC Router – JD3030JD3030 is a high precision and economical mini desktop CNC engraving machine. It is applicable to the industries of artwork processing, advertising and stamp making. E.g: instrument processing ...

CNC Router

A computer numerical controlled router, as its name suggests, is a computer controlled engraving machine initially designed for woodworking industry. Along with our society and technology development, nowadays, CNC routers are not only used in woodworking industry, but also in some other industries, such as advertising industry, mold making industry, artwork industry and so on.

Jindiao is a professional CNC router manufacturer in China. Our CNC routers are characterized by high speed, high efficiency and long service life, etc. We can offer different CNC engravers for different applications:
1. Jindiao can offer CNC Woodworking Machine --- JDM25 for woodworking industry. Our woodworking CNC routers can be used in the production of comprehensive range of items, including wooden shoe-polisher, door and furniture, wood paneling, wooden frames, and musical instruments like guitar, violin, etc.
2. We can also provide Advertising CNC Router ----- JD6090L, JD12s for production of sign boards, acrylic board cutting and any other advertising boards, etc.
3. CNC Mold and Metal Engraving Machine JD6060s for mould making industry is also available at Jindiao. Our mold CNC engraving machine is suitable for engraving on copper, aluminium and iron moulds and any other metal moulds. It is also applicable for nonmetal materials.
Many other different CNC engravers like CNC Marble Engraving Machine ------ JD1325A/B, cylinder engraving machine, ATC CNC router, etc. can also be manufactured by Jindiao, an engraving machine manufacturer in China. All these machines are compatible with wide range of CAD or CAM software, which greatly facilitates users' operation.

Casting machine frame features good rigidity and also enables our machines have a stable operation and precise operation. In addition, X, Y and Z axis are all equipped with reliable ball screw, which reduces machine vibration during operation and further guarantees engraving accuracy. User-friendly design enables us to disassemble these machines, which facilitates installation and transportation.

As a result of our reliable product quality and thoughtful service, our products are well accepted by both national and international customers. Now, you can find our engraving equipment in Russia, America, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Bahrain, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, and Israel, etc. Welcome to contact us for any of your need.