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Double Heads Laser Engraving Cutting Machine

Double Head Laser Engraver

Product Features:

1. The X-axis guide rail applied double ones, installed two sets of laser heads, laser power, CO2 laser tube, and controled by two motor.
2. It featured in professional and full range of matched accessories.
3. It is suitable for a wide range of material from the surface laser processing.
4. Special double heads design is good for bulk production needs, when the two laser heads working simultaneity, it can save a lot of time in admission materials and greatly improve the processing efficiency, meanwhile it avoids continuous work of some factories in the pursuit of laser processing efficiency.
5. Optional auto up&down work table, it is suitable for different thickness material cutting and engraving.
6. The auto focus system can be selected for precise focusing, and it can be equipped with rotary system, suitable for cylinderical and coniform pieces.
7. Red light positioning system realizes the exact position without laser.
8. Working size and laser power as customer's requirements.

Technical parameter

Optional working area

X axis


Y axis


Laser power

60W / 80W / 100W /150W /180W

Laser Types

Hermetic CO2 Laser Tube

Max. Engraving Speed


Cutting speed


Location precision


Repeat precision


Power supply

AC 220V (or 110V) /50Hz

Driving system


Cooling mode

Water-cooling and protection system

Auxiliary Devices

Exhauster And Exhaust Pipe


Lasercut 5.3

Graphic format supported

BMP, CIF, JPEG, TGA, TIFF, PLT, AI, DXF, DST (TIANDAO Embroidery Software), DWG, CDR, etc


Up-Down working table, Digital display, Rotary Clamp, Red light pointer, Auto focus, water chiller, Filtrator

Main application:

Available materials: Acrylic, PVC, rubber sheet, plastic, crystal, glass, wood, bamboo, oxhorn, figuline, marble, leather, cloth, double-color board, etc. Nonmetal materials Comprehensive application: Advertisement, arts and crafts, toys, textile garment, leather, car, mechanism, electron, building upholster, timekeeper and jewelry industry and so on.

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